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Claudia Schiffer Claudia Schiffer Is Seen Out In NYC
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Claudia Schiffer Picture
Claudia Schiffer 'Rocketman' US Premiere
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Claudia Schiffer Picture Claudia Schiffer Picture Claudia Schiffer Picture
Claudia Schiffer 'Rocketman' UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals
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Claudia Schiffer Picture Claudia Schiffer Picture Claudia Schiffer Picture

Claudia Schiffer: Pretty in Plaid (Pictures)

By Adam Wenger on
At 40-years-old, Claudia Schiffer is a gorgeous as ever. Especially when she's wearing cute outfits like the plaid one she rocked yesterday after taking her kids to school. The blonde supermodel of yesteryear, must turn heads when she makes her school runs. How could someone as sexy as her not? Having appeared in over 500 magazines, Schiffer is said to be worth a cool $55 million. That's quite the pretty penny for just looking hot. Check out more pictures of Claudia Schiffer here:Read Full Story

Claudia Schiffer: Still Sexy (Pictures)

By Adam Wenger on
As Claudia Schiffer gets older, she might need more caffeine to keep her going. But her age doesn't seem to be making her any less sexy. Double-fisting some Starbucks, the former supermodel walked about after dropping her kids off at school yesterday. She wore a deep-blue sweater and tight jeans that made her look just as in shape and hot as women half her age. Whenever we look at pictures of Claudia, we're left wondering if there will ever be a time she stops looking so great? For now, the...Read Full Story

Pictures: Claudia Schiffer Still Hot

By Adam Wenger on
Claudia Schiffer looks amazing in a bikini, but even when she goes out for a school run and dresses up casual, people still turn their heads and stare. The 40-year-old model has been on the cover of over 500 magazines, and doesn't appear to be losing any of her hottness as she ages. With a body like hers, you would never know she's had three kids. Schiffer isn't in the news much these days, so enjoy these new, hot pictures of her while you can. And check out more pictures of the former super...Read Full Story

Claudia Schiffer Is Done Having Children

By BangShowbiz on
Sounds like Claudia Schiffer thinks her family is just big enough.Although the 40-year-old supermodel and her film producer husband Matthew Vaughn love being parents to their three children, seven-year-old Caspar, Clementine, five, and four-month-old Cosima Violet, they have agreed not to extend their brood any further.Claudia told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “I have just had my third child in May and I am definitely not going to have any more. I love being a mum but I am happy with what I...Read Full Story

Claudia Schiffer Has a Favorite Jean Skirt

By Alicia Dennis on
(Bauer Griffin) Supermodel and mother-of-three Claudia Schiffer is used to encountering the paparazzi on her daily elementary school run. Schiffer consistently looks camera-ready and comfortable as she escorts her son to school, almost always stepping out in feet-friendly flats.Schiffer has been favoring longer skirts these days, wearing them with on-trend striped and print tees, often under oversized, casually-draped scarves. She really seems to like one skirt in particular: a buttoned...Read Full Story