If you're looking for information on free reverse cell phone lookup services, or sites that may help you conduct a reverse cell phone lookup, check out some of these useful articles:

Alternatives to a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Do Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Sites Exist?

Doing a reverse number lookup on Google is also very easy. You can use Google's main search box.

Simply add the phrase "phonebook:" in front the number and you're done. Sometimes you can even get the address of the owner as well.

Your search should look like this:


If you'd like to remove yourself from google's phonebook, that's easy to do, too. Do a reverse number lookup on yourself, and you'll see a link to remove your entry.

Why do you want to do a reverse cell phone lookup?
To figure out who just tried to call me, from my missed calls log
Do you get a lot of unknown phone calls?
Yeah it bothers me so much!
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