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Graham Yost 78th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony Sponsored By Mercedes-Benz - Red Carpet
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Graham Yost 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Executive Arrivals
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Graham Yost 19th Annual AFI Awards - Awards Reception
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'Speed' Screenwriter Graham Yost Responds to the Guy Who's Trying to Collect Every VHS Copy of 'Speed'

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty | Kickstarter)On Tuesday we wrote about Ryan Beitz, the guy who's trying to collect every VHS copy of Speed in the world. Is his obsession crazy and impossible? Of course it is! But Speed screenwriter Graham Yost was clearly moved after reading about him on Vice.“Everyone has been sending me links to the Vice article on this guy,” Yost told EW.com in an email. “I am going to see if I can dig up a copy or two to send to him. Other than world peace and ending hunger, I can think of no...Read Full Story