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Jake Johnson Premiere of Universal Pictures' 'Jurassic World' - Red Carpet
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Jake Johnson 5th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards - Show
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Jake Johnson Instant View - 5th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards
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10 Actors on the Verge of Superstardom to Watch in 2015

By Joe Robberson on
They may not be household names, but these actors are destined for bigger things.Read Full Story

Weekend Watch: Smaller Films Trump 'Expendables 3'

By Joe Robberson on
Skip the latest action spectacular and check out one of this week's stellar indie films.Read Full Story

The New Trailer for 'Let's Be Cops' Is Soooo Coach and Nick Miller from 'New Girl'

By Lani Conway on
(YouTube) Let's imagine for a second that Nick Miller and Coach, two dimwitted characters from New Girl, suddenly decided that, like their pal Winston, they wanted to embark on careers as police officers. What do they do? They pretend to be men in blue and get wrapped up in silly little adventures.  That's exactly what goes down in the new trailer for the forthcoming buddy comedy Let's Be Cops, except that the characters in the film are not Nick Miller and Coach — they're actors Jake Johnson...Read Full Story

'The Pretty One' is Almost Saved by Its Two Loveable Stars

By Joe Robberson on
(L-R) Zoe Kazan and Jake Johnson in The Pretty One. (Schorr) Long story short: As great as Kazan and Johnson are together, their characters exist in a universe that makes no sense.The Pretty One will remind you of: The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Big, Ruby Sparks, Drinking Buddies, Vertigo, All of Me Review: Home for a birthday celebration, a cool real estate agent takes her mousy twin sister for a haircut/makeover. They get in a car accident. The cool sister dies, but everyone thinks the...Read Full Story

TV Boyfriend Smackdown: Schmidt vs. Nick vs. Winston from 'New Girl'

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(FOX)Welcome back to the TV Boyfriend Smackdown! We pit two (or three) of television’s most eligible (and fictional) bachelors against one another, and discuss their merits with regard to three major categories: attractiveness, personality, and potential for capital-D Drama. Based on our spirited debate, we’ll declare a winner, but fear not: you’ll have a chance to weigh in as well. This week, we’re sizing up Nick, Winston, and Schmidt, Jess' longtime roommates on New Girl (Coach is a little...Read Full Story
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