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Jon Stewart 'Joe' Screening in NYC
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Jon Stewart Picture Jon Stewart Picture
Jon Stewart PepsiCo Honors Bob Woodruff Foundation With Blake Shelton Concert from #PEPCITY
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Jon Stewart Persecuted Journalists Honored in NYC
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Jon Stewart Picture Jon Stewart Picture
1996 - Present
Jon Stewart began Tracey McShane met in 1996 on a blind date set up by a production assistant on Stewart's film...
1994 - 1994
Cindy Crawford and Jon Stewart were spotted arm-in-arm at an awards show in 1994.

3 TV Stars Who Make More Money than the Cast of 'Big Bang Theory'

By Joey Skladany on
More bang for your buck, we suppose. Read Full Story

Stephen Colbert More Popular Than Snow White

By John Newlin on
Thanks to social media, basic web analytics, and perhaps an unending attempt to answer the question, “who am I?,” we now have a way to quantifiably measure cool factor: The Facebook Share. If pop-psychology is correct and we all secretly think we're cool to some extent (bear with me here), the degree to which, say, personality quiz results are shared on Facebook equals its popularity. When applied to our Which Late Night Host Are You? quiz, a scientific test used to determine your talk show...Read Full Story

What Does Congress Have in Common With Justin Bieber? Jon Stewart Explains

By Alicia Diaz Dennis on
On Wednesday, Jon Stewart bravely tackled two very weighty subjects in an episode of The Daily Show, drawing parallels between Justin Bieber's recent egging scandal and Congress' behavior over the White House's nuclear pact with Iran. Because rest assured, there are parallels. After waxing poetic about Justin's silky smooth chest ("You just wanna wrap it around yourself like a kimono!"), Stewart dropped the details on Bieber, who has been accused of causing $20,000 in damage to a neighbor's...Read Full Story

The List of TV's Highest Paid Stars May Surprise You

By Jill Slattery on
Ashton Kutcher, Amy Poehler, Jon Stewart (Getty)Hot on the heels of the news that the Duck Dynasty bros are all making a lot more money than the rest of us (more beard cream and camo for everyone!), TV Guide has released its annual list of the highest paid television stars.The biggest shake-up occurred in late-night, where Jon Stewart knocked off network veterans Jay Leno and David Letterman to claim the top spot with a whopping $25-30 million annual salary. We wonder how much of that John...Read Full Story

Jon Stewart Is Taking a Break from 'The Daily Show'

By Jill Slattery on
(Comedy Central)The Daily Show is going to look a little bit different this summer. Deadline reports that host Jon Stewart will be taking a hiatus from the Comedy Central series to direct his first feature film, Rosewater. Daily Show correspondent John Oliver will fill in for Stewart during his 12-week hiatus.In addition to directing the upcoming feature, Stewart also wrote the script for Rosewater, which is based on the book Then They Came For Me: A Family’s Story Of Love, Captivity And...Read Full Story
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