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Josh Hutcherson 'Escobar: Paradise Lost' Press Conference - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival
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Josh Hutcherson Teen Choice Awards Show
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The Mockingjay Lives! Watch President Snow's Second Panem Transmission

By JJ Duncan on
This time he's got Johanna Mason, too!Read Full Story

Recasting the Brat Pack with Today's Young Stars

By Karenna Meredith on
Hey, hey, hey, hey, don't you forget about our favorite icons of the '80s...the members of the "Brat Pack" were undoubtedly the stars of their generation. Young talents like Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe, and Demi Moore took the '80s by storm, starring in blockbusters that we still love today. These iconic actors changed the face of their generation, but that was 30 years ago. These days, there's a whole new crop of young stars who could fit the same molds — The Heartthrob, The Jock, The Beauty...Read Full Story

9 Questions We Have About the 'Hunger Games' World After Seeing 'Catching Fire'

By JJ Duncan on
(Lionsgate)Catching Fire is here and (predictably) breaking a few box office records as both casual and hardcore Katniss fans flood the theaters. But after watching the movie (twice) we had a few outstanding questions about the movie, Katniss, Panem, how some of the tweaks will affect the next two movies, and just the Hunger Games world in general. So presented here, and ranked in no particular order, are our thoughts with question marks.SPOILERS AHEAD! 1. Can we get a map of Panem? Anyone...Read Full Story

Let's Take a Moment to Remember the True Meaning of the Hunger Games

By JJ Duncan on
(Lionsgate | Covergirl | Subway | Barbie)The arrival of this season's Hunger Games movie means many things: Mattel's new Katniss Barbie doll in toystore windows; stylish young ladies decked out in bright Capitol Covergirl eyeshadow; and a special glimmer in the eye of Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer as he waxes poetic about a Hunger Games theme park. But before we all dig into our Subway-Hunger-Games-tie-in Fiery Footlong sandwiches, let's take a moment to consider the vast gulf between the true...Read Full Story

Counting Every Difference Between the 'Catching Fire' Movie and the Book

By JJ Duncan on
(Scholastic | Lionsgate)Catching Fire is that rare book adaptation that stays remarkably true to the source material while compressing the plot and compositing the characters. Little is left out that matters, and a few things are added to make it all matter more. How did director Francis Lawrence do it? We paid close attention, and came up with a long list of tweaks made to the story in the process of taking it from the page to the screen. While we're sure hardcore fans could probably come up...Read Full Story
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