Kimmie Caracoles, West Coast Choppers Model, Offers Date for Help Finding Dog

We're animal lovers, so we'd help find a lost dog any day just out of the kindess of our hearts, but Kimmie Caracoles, a West Coast Choppers model, is putting a little more on the table. After Cinnabun, a 9-month-old pitbull, went missing, Caracoles is offering to go on a date with anyone who helpd find the missing pooch.

Help find a lost dog, and you coul get a date with Kimmie Caracoles. (
Caracoles, who works as a lingerie and pin-up model, tweeted: "find cinnabun and win a date with beautiful me!!! and you know what that means.....(i'll probably let you touch my boob)."

We've found some pictures the missing dog, as well as some pics of Caracoles, in order to help you understand just what you'd be getting if you can manage to locate the lost canine. Enjoy!

Here is Cinnabun. The dog is lost somewhere in the Long Beach, CA area. If you see him, call 592-983-6666.

And here are some pictures of Kimmie Caracoles:

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