Is She the 'Anonymous' Source Behind the Palin Leaks?

By JJ Duncan on
Stop me if you've heard one of these.Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country, not a continent.Sarah Palin couldn't name the three countries involved in NAFTA.Sarah Palin's clothing expenditures go far beyond the reported $150,000.It's still unclear what's fact and what's rumor in the substantial "anonymous" leaks that have been spilling across the blogosphere and into the mainstream media about Palin. But one name keeps popping up in speculation as to the source -- Nicolle Wallace.Wallace...Read Full Story

Nicolle Wallace on Immigration

By Livingly Staff on
From the Harvard Political Review :Harvard Review : One issue that’s been particularly difficult to communicate to the American people is immigration. Do you think that the White House can persuade people on this issue and see immigration legislation passed? What tactics do you think will be the most effective? Nicolle Wallace : Well, I hope so. I think it’s too important for politics to get in the way. What we need as a country is comprehensive immigration reform. We need to enforce our...Read Full Story

Steve Schmidt gets a promotion, Nicolle Wallace holds her spot, Rick Davis gets squeezed

By Livingly Staff on
John McCain recently restructured his campaign for the second time in less than a year.  McCain spread out some of the responsibilities that campaign manager Rick Davis had been handling, and put Steve Schmidt, a protégé of Karl Rove, in charge of his day-to-day operations.Nicolle Wallace continues on as a senior advisor to the McCain campaign.  When asked about the changes, Wallace positioned the move as a general scaling up of activity in prep for the November election.Read Full Story