Predicting What Taylor Swift's Fifth Album Will Be About, Since She's Been Single for a While

Predicting What Taylor Swift's Fifth Album Will Be About, Since She's Been Single for a While
Getty ImagesTaylor Swift has made millions from singing about her personal life — the good, bad, and even ugly (exes) — and now she's working on her fifth studio album. She promises it's her "favorite thing [she's] ever created," but we're a little unsure of how that can be true, since, you know, she hasn't dated anyone (at least publicly) since Harry Styles at the end of 2012.

Predicting What Taylor Swift's Fifth Album Will Be About, Since She's Been Single for a While
Bauer GriffinThere's surely some good material from that One Direction romance, but there's no way she could write an entire album based on a two-week relationship. Right?!

Nonetheless, back in May, Swift promised her upcoming album will be more of what she's known for, deeply personal tunes everyone can relate to. “As I’ve grown up, the things I’ve written about have completely evolved with how I was growing. I was writing songs about what it was like to be 18, what it was like to be 20, what it’s like to be 22 and now I’m 24 and I’m still writing songs about my life,” she said. “I think I really just love the unity it brings me and the audience because chances are they’ve felt the exact same way I felt when I wrote the song and I think it kind of reminds them — and it reminds me — that the human experience isn’t so lonely.”

So, since it doesn't appear that she has much material to work with on the romance front, we're guessing she'll draw from the other areas of her personal life for the follow-up to her massively popular album Red. And that's where Instagram comes in. We've mined her page for clues about what she's been inspired by lately in hopes of predicting what's behind her next round of music.

1. Her New Cat
We're not sure how Taylor's cat Meredith is adjusting to a new little feline in the house, but her new four-legged friend Olivia Benson (yes, purposely named after the Law & Order character) is ridiculously cute. Who wouldn't love a cat song? Maybe even Grumpy Cat would smile.

2. Her Intense Posse of Celebrity Friends
Taylor has got to be the most popular star of them all. She routinely hangs out with famous folks like Emma Stone, Karlie Kloss, Jaime King, and more. Their yacht/road trip/garden party adventures are surely fodder for some fun tunes.

3. Baking
A perk of being friends with Taylor Swift? Girlfriend bakes a lot. She's always whipping up pretty pies and cookies and all sorts of things in the kitchen, when she's not on tour, at least. We're feeling a song about filling the relationship void with sugary snacks. Yes, nailed it.

4. Her Relationship with Ed Sheeran.
These two have toured together, written songs together, hang out all the time, and seem like they'd make the perfect couple. In fact, the Internet has suggested there's more than a friendship there countless times. Alas, they promise it's strictly platonic. But how great would it be if she addressed the complicated I-love-you-but-I'm-not-IN-love-with-you situation in song? Sheeran could sing on the track too.

5. Being Single
What's a close second to writing songs about love and breakups? Writing about no love at all. Perhaps the new album will just focus on not needing a relationship to be happy or the joys of spending Saturday night alone with your cat(s). It could totally work.

The album is supposedly due out before the end of the year, so just a few more months until we find out if we were right.

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