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Who's the sexiest woman over 50?
Who's the sexiest woman over 50?
Who's the sexiest woman over 50?
The youth-obsessed style and entertainment industries may have convinced you that you can't have serious sex appeal once you've lived half a century. They're wrong.

Just a few of Zimbio's 50 Sexiest Women Over 50.  Getty Images.

Ten years ago, Madonna turned 40.  It was, of course, a huge affair, as Madonna was (and still is) synonymous with celebrity, and cantankerous pop culture theorists found it a staggering victory on her part that she still managed to be relevant at such an age.  Everywhere, the news of her birthday was upon us.  It was almost akin to the Y2K countdown.

This was 1998, before reality TV had killed the video star.  VH1 made sure its viewers stayed well aware of the impending milestone by flickering "Madonna Turns 40 in _____ Hours!" across younger incarnations of the singer wriggling onscreen.   Then she turned 40, and--to the shock of the entertainment world--it didn't seem to change anything.

Things have changed.  In August, Madonna turned 50, and while the paparazzi managed to get plenty of shots of her entering and exiting her London party, this birthday didn't seem such a big deal.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie attending her 50th birthday party at uber trendy 'Volstead Club'. Photo by Flynet Pictures.

Perhaps it's because there are now so many beautiful women who are breaking barriers in a formerly youth-obsessed industry.  Sure, cynics may credit plastic surgery for the staying power of these women, but they're overlooking the fact that surgeried or not, these women are fascinating to watch.  Some we've loved for decades, while others hit their strides later in life.  All are alluringly mature, and all are sexy.  To see the fifty lovely ladies from the top, start here.

Who is the Sexiest Woman Over 50?

By John Newlin on
Democracy has been put to many creative uses since the Greeks invented it back in, like, 1950. But quite possibly the best employment of it to date is our brilliantly titled game, "Who is the sexiest woman over 50?" The result are coming it, and, surprise! The sexy one is winning! Below are the results of the top 10 so far. But we need more votes, so cast yours today. And like a real democracy, feel free to play as many times as you like. 1. Christie Brinkley 2. Michelle Pfeiffer...Read Full Story

The Sexiest Woman Over 50: Holly Hunter

By Alicia Diaz Dennis on
Holly Hunter poses after been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on May 30, 2008 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America) 1. Holly Hunter Born March 20, 1958Why She Sizzles:  Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter is one of the most-respected, hardest-working actresses in Hollywood, yet she strikes us—and many of her fans—as genuine and down-to-earth. With her strong features and athletic figure, Hunter brings unconventional beauty to the...Read Full Story

The 2nd Sexiest Woman Over 50: Michelle Pfeiffer

By Alicia Diaz Dennis on
Michelle Pfeiffer at the 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 27, 2008. Getty Images.2. Michelle Pfeiffer Born April 29, 1958Why She Sizzles:When We First Fell in Love:  Pfeiffer’s sleek bob and backless gown in Scarface (1983) transformed her overnight into one of Hollywood's biggest sex symbols.Pfeiffer in Scarface.Career Highs:  Dangerous Liasons, The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Witches of Eastwick.  Career Lows:   Unsurprisingly, Pfeiffer found it hard to get work after Grease 2...Read Full Story

The 3rd Sexiest Woman Over 50: Jennifer Tilly

By Alicia Diaz Dennis on
Jennifer Tilly participates in the Ladies No-Limit Hold 'em poker tournament at the World Series of Poker at the Rio Hotel & Casino June 8, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images North America) 3. Jennifer Tilly Born September 16, 1958Why She Sizzles:  She’s crazy hot, but these days she’s more interested in playing poker than acting. And that’s awesome.Tilly with her professional poker player boyfriend Phil Laak. When We First Fell in Love: Tilly hit it big in 1994...Read Full Story

The 4th Sexiest Woman Over 50: Iman

By Alicia Diaz Dennis on
Iman arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala on May 5, 2008.  Getty Images.4. Iman Born July 25, 1955Why She Sizzles:  Iman is the CEO of IMAN Cosmetics, Skincare, and Fragrances, a line geared toward women of color. She’s also a spokesperson for the Keep a Child Alive program, which provides much-needed medication to families and children in the developing world.  Humanitarianism is way sexy.Iman at the 2008 American Image Awards.  Getty Images. When We First Fell in...Read Full Story
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