How to Change a Windows XP Key

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How to Change a Windows XP Product Key from wikiHow This article describes how to change the Windows XP product key after a Volume Licensing installation. You can use the Windows Activation Wizard graphical user interface (GUI) or a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) script. The Activation Wizard method is easier, but if you must change the product key for multiple computers, the script method is better. Steps to Change the Windows XP Product Key Click start in the bottom left corner...Read Full Story

About Windows XP "Key generator" programs, or "Windows XP keygens"

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Here is the skinny, according to Wikipedia : "Key generator" programs, commonly called "keygens", exist to randomly generate Windows XP product keys (thus, there are no longer any commonly used keys to block) and then activate Windows without contacting Microsoft. These may or may not allow the user to receive updates although Microsoft has allowed major security updates to be downloaded and applied through Windows Update and its downloads site, even in pirated or non-genuine copies of...Read Full Story

How to Find Your Windows XP Product Key Code

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If you ever have to reinstall Windows, one of the largest hassles can be finding your Product Key code. This is printed on the outside of your installation CD, but it's incredibly common for users to misplace their installation CD, creating problems down the line. Luckily, you can find your Product Key code hidden deep with your operating system -- it just takes a little work. No hacking required, just 15 minutes of your time. Here's how:Step 1Download a free Windows key registry finding...Read Full Story

WinKeyFinder 1.72 released, great Windows XP key generator

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Here is the latest release from WinKeyFinder.This is a key finder for both Windows XP and MS Office keys.  It has received strong reviews so far.Read Full Story